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Membership Application

For membership consideration, please fill out the following application.


If you have general questions, please contact us here. Sections marked with an asterisk* are required. CREA may ask additional information or request supporting documentation as a result of the information you provide below.


Click here for more information on general membership guidelines.

If approved, membership is $120/mo with an initial three month commitment. 

We are looking for high-quality practitioners who are connected to their communities and who want to invest in their growth. As such, we welcome brokers with emerging experience and also encourage new members to our industry to join us. 


We strive to connect with applicants within three business days. If you do not hear back from us in that time frame, please contact us at:


Thank you for your interest in CREA membership!


Areas of Expertise

By submitting this form, you are authorizing CREA and/or affiliates to contact you with a potential sales offer. However, your submission and consent to be contacted is not an offer for membership or any other product or service. Any membership, product or service offered shall be governed by separate agreement(s). The information collected shall be governed by our Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use.


For consideration of membership, at a minimum, CREA requires completion of the membership form detailing relevant commercial experience, and execution of the Membership Agreement and Code of Ethics. Brokers may be eligible for membership by a review of the applicant's commercial experience and geographic area of practice by the Membership Board of Directors. CREA reserves the right to change the membership criteria at any time, which may include further geographic or discipline restrictions on membership, and/or increased experience requirements. All membership decisions are at the sole discretion of CREA and its Board of Directors. Please contact us for more detailed membership requirements at

Thanks for submitting!

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