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It's not enough any more to just have experience. In order to maintain a leading edge, the top-performing brokers around the country are leveraging their deep connections in their communities and markets, while also tapping into the resources of their greater network connections in order to provide the most complete and impactful service model for their clients. 

Connection & Collaboration

By hiring a CREA Member, your project and/or assignment will get increased exposure within your region, as well as throughout the network, inviting new conversations which in turn increases the opportunity to successfully close on the assignment with maximum benefit.  


You also have the opportunity to maintain this high level of service and acumen by having your CREA commercial partner identify another CREA practitioner in another market, or with another expertise, as you grow your portfolio and interests. 


We provide easy and warm in-network referrals, listings posted on our site, searchable membership expertise, internal chat channels, and internal and external marketing campaigns to maximize reach.

Your assignments gain maximum exposure by leveraging the power of additional marketing channels available to the CREA Member.

More connections, more opportunities, more deals. 

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Search our Member Directory to identify a CREA partner today, or if you would like us to make an introduction for you, please click HERE and tell us more about your project!

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